The purpose of The Designer’s Accomplice is to help Children succeed in their dreams of one day becoming a Fashion Designer by designing/curating products and workshops that teach the skills needed, earlier in life. It isn’t often a child can experience what it’s like to be a Fashion Designer and Fashion Model all in one! - We believe in the impact of celebrating creativity and confidence which is exactly what these workshops were designed to do. Chelsea Lee Provenzano is the designer behind The Designer's Accomplice. She believes to succeed at anything in life - practice makes perfect and the younger you start - the closer you will be, to making your dreams a reality. Chelsea spent her entire childhood as an entrepreneur - designing jewelry - owning/operating 2 retail store fronts and teaching other kids how to start a business and write a business plan by simply answering these 3 questions: Where are you? where are you going? and How are you going to get there? She later graduated from The Savannah College of Art & Design - majoring in Footwear & Fashion Accessory Design as well as a double minor in Jewelry Design and Fashion Merchandising and Management. Chelsea mentored under European Bespoke designers as well as worked for luxury Fashion brands; Tiffany & Co, Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren and Bloche Ballet.

There is an opportunity for more Fashion-based educational experiences offered to children/tweens. Since the launch of STEAM programs in schools there’s been a huge focus on the Arts - from painting, and drawing to dancing and videography…. but as FACS-ED classes faded away from the curriculum - there’s been less opportunity for those interested in Fashion to further explore their creative interests. Chelsea wanted to provide girls with an experience that was unlike any traditional “Fashion Sewing Camp” - where they could learn about luxury materials and designers - as well as make a beautiful leather handbag - all ethically sourced. Chelsea currently hosts all Fashion workshops at the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples - The first Fashion Workshop sold out in less than 4 hours and now there will be 4 new Fashion workshops offered this coming year - each with a new theme.